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The implementation date for the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule continues to be a moving target, throwing another curve in an already winding road. However, partial enactment of the rule is happening now. During this transition period, advisors to retirement investment accounts must comply with the impartial conduct standards. These standards specify that advisors must:

  • Give advice that is in the retirement investor's best interest 

  • Charge no more than reasonable compensation

  • Make no misleading statements about investment transactions, compensation, and conflicts of interest

While there won’t be much federal enforcement now, the industry anticipates that there will be, and soon. What can you do now to ensure you’re ready for the future?

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When you look at the language, it goes beyond best interest. The language in the DOL is really a different standard.
It's a trust standard. 

-Rob Klapprodt, President at Vestmark

DOL Fiduciary Rule Timeline and Resources

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Download the DOL Fiduciary Rule Timeline infographic to view a history of the rule's winding path and to learn the steps you can take to prepare.

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